Kesler Tanner

Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Husband. Father. Son. Friend. PhD Candidate. Web Developer / Designer. Entrepreneur.

I have a bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them, but I’m working on improvi


DesignQ (alpha)

Generative flyer design.

Juxxt (alpha)

Design System Generator. Designing within a superset of design systems.

Study of Design

Website for studies on visual design. Currently focused on aesthetic perceptions.


Chrome extension that replays the creation of a Google Slide document.


A web app to design social graphics leveraging a person's ability to recognize good design rather than create it.


Reconfigurable Tactile Elements for Dynamic Affordances and Mobile Interaction

Haptic Edge Display

Novel input/output techniques for mobile devices.

Web Projects

Study Scriptures (alpha)

Modern scriptures made for sharing.

React, Redux, Firebase

Hey Habit (beta)

Personal habit dashboard.

React, Redux, Firebase, Chrome Ext.

Family Tree Prints (beta)

Modern family tree charts maker.

React, Redux, Firebase


Children's book subscription club.

Phoenix Framework, Semantic UI

The Scout App

Progress tracker for boys in BSA.

Objective C, Angular 1.x, Simperium

Book Quizzes for Bookroo

Mobile optimized book quizzes.

Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Javascript

Reading App for Bookroo

Reading app for Bookroo.

Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React

Freelance Inbox

Daily email w/ tailored freelance leads.

PHP, FatFreeFramework

I Never Knew But Now I Do

Interesting facts site.

PHP, FatFreeFramework

Chez Nous

A recipe site.



Website to host flash games (2009)


Flash Games

Flash games I made growing up.

ActionScript, Flash


Scripture Reading Charts

Generating Scripture Reading Charts.


Deep Cards

Questions for deep conversations.


Reverse Raffle

Raffle by elimination. Inspired by Stringham.


Color Palette Generator

Based on randomness.

React, Redux

Distributed Chat

Chat room using network broadcast pings